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"my anaconda"
by this doesnt sound like starfire



my dormmate was away and i am a bored child

feistypaants said: *squishy hug*

Thanks, lady. *squishy hugs you right back*

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Isn’t that the guy who voiced Hans?


Isn’t that the guy who voiced Hans?

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"Your best friend is here!"

…oh God, it’s no-personal-space flirty student. 

…can I take an early lunch?

I get this. Ha!

One day, my friend entered my room on break and for some odd reason I was alone, which was a rarity, and she asked me, “Where is your orbit of dorks?” referring to the 4 or 5 awkward boys and one girl that I usually have disrupting my personal safe, chatting me up and giving me “suggestions - like ‘you should let us go early’ while I get ready for the next class. 

Every year they are different kids with similar characteristics to the year before and every year they find me. 

It’s like they can sense I am one of them. 

I am the mama dork sun. 

I would definitely take an orbit of dorks to the leering, heavy-breathing guys I seem to get. I’ve literally had students ask me out and then get angry with me when I point out that I’m an instructor and they’re being highly inappropriate. 

Seriously, guys, I’m not even that attractive, for God’s sake. 

These are your college kiddos, right? I’m telling you, high school is the way to go. High schoolers would fear you (they feared me, and I’m pretty sure you’re nearly a foot taller than me.) And they’re funny as hell.

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